Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Few of My Favorites...

I love Christmas time; the decorations, the cookies, the Christmas programs at Church, the Christmas themed movies on TV, all of it! What I don't like is that means it is cold outside, I hate the cold weather and we have been in single digits with it feeling like double digits below zero for over a week now. I am so looking forward to our vacation to California on December 28th. We will be staying with my husbands brother and his family, about an hour north of San Diego.  I am very excited for Gavin's first time on a plane and first time to Disneyland. It should be a great trip.

And now on to a few of my favorite things!
I love to bake all year, but especially at Christmas. I love to try out new cookie recipes and of course make some of the old favorites. I usually make up two or three different dough's at once and then bake all the cookies right in a row. This last weekend I made the peanut butter kisses cookies, chocolate peppermint cookies and Christmas snowball cookies. They were all delicious and my favorite part is giving them away!

I also love our family tradition of making Gingerbread houses at my Dad's house. We try to do this every year and once in awhile the whole family is there, but not always. We always have a different partner every year and this year Gavin decided to hang out and decorate with me. We started this tradition years ago with graham crackers and making homemade frosting, over the years we have transitioned to buying the pre-made kits because it is so much easier. We still buy lots of extra candy to decorate with eat.  We have such a good time laughing and getting all sugared up!

Here Gavin is getting started, and this is our finished product!

What are some of your favorite things around the holidays?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Third Trimester!

Good Morning!

Wow, where does the time go? Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  My baby brother, Zac, was the lucky one that got to host this year.  I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I come from a big family. I have two brothers and three sisters and 13 nieces and nephews, plus my son and one on the way. We usually take turns hosting the holidays and this year Mike had to work, so I really didn't want to have it at my house. Luckily, a short time ago my brother and his wife, Liz, bought a house about a mile away from me in Rochester. This was our first big holiday at his house.  So big we ended up with 38 people. This picture is just my side of the family.

Liz's brother-in-law made these shirts for us. Each feather of the turkey has a different last name on to match the families represented there.
I am in between my two younger sisters Annie and Hilary, my brother Zac is on the far left and my older brother, Jed, is on the far right of the photo. You may remember my older sister from one of my older posts. She is the tallest one in the back row two down from me.  My dad is the gray bearded guy on the couch with the unhappy look on his face. But that is how he is for every picture, he really was happy to be there.
We had a traditional turkey dinner, which was great, it gave us some fuel for black Friday shopping. Yes, I do participate in the madness, but I don't go all crazy. I kind of get some of the same things every year, with the addition of a few new things this year, but my sister and I kind of have it down to a science when we go out.  We started at Wal-Mart for the 6pm and the 8pm sales then headed to Shopko and then I went home to bed. I was in bed by 11:30pm. My sister and some friends however, were out all night until 9:30am. I don't know how they do it, but they do. The one thing I didn't get, but really wanted was the two-camera video monitor from Babiesrus. I didn't go there until later on Friday and they were all sold out. But that's ok, I will keep looking.
Last of all, today I start my Third Trimester! Whoo Hoo! 
Actually, it is kind of scary because that means I only have 13 weeks left and I am not quite ready yet. Honestly, the part I am worried about the most is going back to work full time after that baby is born. I had a hard time doing that with Gavin and I just know this time will be even harder.
I did have my prenatal check up last week and I had another ultra sound. Everything looked good, my placenta had moved out of the way and that is no longer a concern. Here are a few pics from the ultra sound. I wish they weren't so grainy, but it is till fun to see the little guy!  Oh and I made sure he was still a he. LOL.  According to the scan he weighed 2lbs 2oz and is growing perfectly.

I can't forget to add, that last Wednesday was my son Gavin's 5th Birthday.  So after my appointment I met him and Mike at Culvers for lunch. Gavin loves eating there and since it was his birthday I let him choose where to eat.
Hopefully you had a wonderful holiday! Have a great day!

Friday, November 1, 2013

It's Friday!

Hello there!
   Please tell me I am not the only one dragging my feet today. I think we spent about an hour trick or treating last night and probably covered less than a mile. But this momma tires out fast. It was fun to watch my son ring the door bell by himself this year and actually walk the entire time. Of course next year we will have the new one in a stroller, but that means double the candy ;)  Gavin decided he wanted to be Captain America again this year, which was totally fine with me. It just means I didn't have to buy another costume. And as soon as we walked out of the house a little boy from across the street, who was dressed as Ironman, yelled out "look it's Captain America". And he got lots of compliments all night, which he just loved.

I of course had to wear my cool Halloween shirt, I mean how many times in my life will I get to wear this shirt? And I suppose I can post this bump picture too, since I am at 22W3D.
I did have a regular check up appointment on Tuesday, all is well with the baby. His heartbeat was in the mid 150's and I am actually measuring 23 weeks.  I also found out that my placenta is really low. Actually, they discovered that at my ultra sound 4 weeks ago. So I have to have another ultra sound in 4 weeks to see if it has moved up. I am not too worried about it yet because it can move at any time right up until the last week. I will keep you posted on it though.
I am sorry this has turned into a more personal blog than a running blog. But believe me, as soon as I can, I will start running again. It will be interesting to see how it goes after having the baby. I am hoping to ease into in, but let me tell you I just want to go run 6 miles right now. I miss running so much. I know people run when they are pregnant, but it has been hard for me. I can't even walk up two flights of stairs with out getting winded these days. But it is all worth it.
I hope you have a good weekend, it looks like it will be in the mid 40's to lower 50's here.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I promise I will get better at blogging. Here are some updates for you all at once.

1. I have been walking a lot, like 2-3 miles almost everyday. I have also been running a little bit too. I go really slow and can only run one mile at a time. Anything is better than nothing at this point.

2. My husband has now done a second Warrior dash and Zombie Stagger 5K.  This was a 5k race and Zombies joined in. He came in at 25:09 and was 6th overall. I am so proud of him for running and sticking with it even when he has a bad run. However, he may have a slight obsession with new running shoes. I think he is up to 3 pairs now, and just a few short months ago he didn't have any. Here are some photos of that day.

Don't you Love my shirt, actually all of our shirts! We are so ready for a Zombie Apocalypse.
3.  We found out that I am expecting a BOY! Yay! My son and hubby will have a playmate. We did this awesome gender reveal photo shoot, thank you to my sister for taking pictures. It was also kind of bittersweet because the photo shoot took place on the Douglas trail, which is my favorite and most traveled running path and I haven't been able to get that far on the trail in a long time. I would love to share my photos with you! They are on my pinterest here http://www.pinterest.com/jlikestorun/photo-shoot/
Here is my sister, adjusting the settings on her camera :)

4. My son, Gavin has been really busy this fall. He takes swimming lessons on Mondays, he plays flag football on Tuesdays and has Awana club on Wednesday.
I am so proud of him and he is growing up so fast and I  know he is very excited to have a baby brother!

5.  I am sorry this has kind of turned into more of a personal life blog than a running blog. But I still like to run and I plan on getting back into it in full swing after the baby is born. I look forward to testing my limits, I know it will be hard, but I know it will be worth it!

Take care,


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello 2nd Trimester!!

I am sorry, I have not been on here much at all, but here I am today!
So in my pregnancy world I am officially in the 2nd trimester! YES!  Let me tell you, I had the worst morning sickness ever, I was so sick and ended up getting some medication from my dr. That helped and so far this week I have been feeling great!  I even made a few more dinners than normal and baked up some cookies and other treats. My energy has also come back too! 

I had an appointment yesterday and I got the hear the baby's heartbeat, it was 155 and I was surprised when they told me my due date was changed to March 4th. I guess they changed it after my early ultra sound, but no one told me until yesterday.  I also scheduled my anatomy ultra sound for October 2nd. I am so excited to find out if it is a boy or a girl.  I am hoping for a girl, but I will just take a healthy baby and I will love it the same!

In other news, my hubby ran his first 5k race. He has done the Zombie run and the Warrior dash, but this was his first "real" race. He ran in the Eastwood Bank/Rochester Half Marathon and 5K.  He finished in 25:15 and won 2nd place for his age group. I am so proud of him, he was very nervous and I don't think he even paid attention to any of the advice I was giving him. LOL. I ran this race last year and it is a pretty easy course and it was my Moms On The Run official team race. It was fun to just cheer everyone on this year. I probably could have ran it, but I didn't want a really bad time and be all bummed about it. Plus, I had to watch our son, he loves cheering us on at races.

Up next, my hubby is running in the Warrior Dash #2 for Minnesota on Sept. 7th and he also might do one or two more 5K's this fall. I am also thinking about signing up for just one more this fall to keep me going.

I did attend my last class of Moms On The Run last night. I can't believe summer is almost over and fall is around the corner. At class we did intervals of 1:30 and 1:00 of running/walking or in my case walking/walking faster. Then we did a strength training circuit with hand weights and ended the evening with light stretching. It felt so good to get a workout done, I have been very sedentary lately and it is killing me. So with the weather about to cool down some and the return of my energy I really hope to get back out there and put a few more miles on my running shoes while I still can. I plan on staying inside this winter and doing some strength training and treadmill workouts.

So I have to add at least one photo to this blog since I haven't downloaded the ones from my camera to my computer of my hubby's race yet. So here you go! Happy Thursday!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Running While Pregnant

My energy has been non-existent lately so I haven't gotten in as many runs as I would like to have. However, I did make it to Moms On the Run last night. We did intervals of 3 1/2 minutes of walking with 13 minutes of running twice. I think that was perfect for me and we covered just over 2 miles. Since I am not training for any races right now that distance was ok with me.

I have found that my pace is a little slower than what I would like it to be. My doctor said I can keep running as long as I want to. Which is good, but we all know that winters in Minnesota can halt any runner. I do have a treadmill which I plan to use, but I will also be looking for some pregnancy workouts to try. So I will be looking for suggestions for those workouts. Keep in mind I am not supposed to do any ab workouts of any kind. I don't want my hernia to get bigger than it already is.

Have a great Monday!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Life changes!

     I have some life changes happening and I wanted to share them with you.

Yep! You are not seeing things! Believe me, I was in denial.  So much that I had to take 5 pregnancy tests.  So it is safe to say that this came as a total and complete surprise. A slight mis-calculation on my part and well, you know how the story goes. Mike and Jessica sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes Love, then comes Marriage, then...
So I am thinking of changing the name of my blog to Jessica Likes to Run...While Pregnant. Just kidding ;)
Yep, that's right I plan on running as much as I can until I can't because I am too big or it hurts.  I plan on listening to my body, but I am going to try and workout this pregnancy, which is something I did not do when I was pregnant with Gavin.  I will be documenting everything because I will otherwise forget. LOL. Pregnancy brain is real people and let me tell you so is morning sickness. Except I am so lucky that my morning sickness lasts all day and even wakes me up in the middle of the night. I will be so glad when I start the second trimester and start feeling better and don't have to eat saltine crackers every morning.  I did have my first appointment on July 31st. We did get to hear the heartbeat, which was 175. I was so thankful for that. I also got a little chewed out because I have an umbilical hernia from when I had Gavin and I never got it fixed. I guess it didn't bother me, so I never thought about getting it fixed. The nurse practioner was ready to send me to see a surgeon, but she got the second opinion from Dr. and he said to leave it alone for now. But they also told me to not do any ab workouts or anything that would work my stomach. It is getting enough of a workout already ;)
I was also lucky enough to have an early ultra sound. Like I said we were not planning on this, so I had a slight idea on my due date. I went in for that yesterday and instantly we got to see the baby. It is so cute, it was a wiggling around and we got to see the heartbeat. It was so amazing to see!  The ultra sound dated me at 9 weeks and 2 days. That would put my due date at March 4th, 2014. So I am just going to say I am due the first week of March.
There is our little prune. I am already thinking it is a girl, but we will have to wait about 11 more weeks to find that out. For now I will be hitting up garage sales and looking for baby stuff. I am kicking myself for getting rid of all of my baby stuff from Gavin. So if anyone has anything I can barrow that would be great.
I hope you all have a great weekend!