Friday, May 12, 2017

Slacker..but for good reason!

Yes! I am a major slacker, but I promise that will end now!  I have not blogged here since October and I have good reasons why!

1. I have ran only 1 race since I last blogged. The Night Crawler run at Essex Park on November 14th.

2. I had a major surgery on December 16th and was out of running for three months.

3. I also moved across country from southeastern Minnesota to Southern California in March.

4. I am just now getting my groove of running back.

So here are some things I will be blogging about soon!

1. Recap of Ragnar Trail NW Wisconsin

2. My surgery and how it has changed my running life

3. Moving across country and trying to get my running groove back.

4. New races I will be running this year

That is all for now. Check back soon!


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